Brian and Carole Burgess currently pastor Trinity Christian Fellowship. Earlier in their ministry they were pastors in North and South Carolina and they have served as missionaries in Zambia and in Brian’s native South Africa for almost 13 years. Carole’s passion for worship and Brian’s pastoral heart nurtures not only the local church but many church leaders around the world. They are parents to Dawn Lubin, Tamara Hill and Jonathan Burgess and are blessed with nine grandchildren.  Contact Brian & Carole at


Dawn has a Bachelor’s degree in English from ORU and holds ministerial credentials with the Rocky Mountain Conference of the IPHC. She has served in full-time ministry in Ivory Coast and South Africa. Before returning to Colorado, Dawn helped to lead a church plant in Birmingham, England. Now she is glad to be back in Denver.  She has taught at Cornerstone Christian Academy, become a health representative and is serving on the leadership team at Trinity. Dawn is passionate to see the church resemble the biblical example found in Acts 2 and to see the Body grow up into Him who is the head that is Christ. Ephesians 4:13.

Dawn is the proud mother of three sons: Alex, Christophe and Nicholas.  Contact Dawn at at


Jonathan and Angela were married in January 2005 and have four children Judah, Asher, Anakela and Zion. Jonathan serves as one of the worship leaders at TCF. He and Angela served in the Pulse Student Ministries at Trinity Christian Fellowship (TCF) with parents Brian and Carole Burgess. The Pulse’s vision was to: to see the youth of the north area of Denver have a massive spiritual awakening, turning their hearts to Christ, living like Christ, and making disciples!

They also work as missionaries with Good News International allowing them to focus on a music ministry called Transform. Transform has a platform to share Jesus with thousands across the country through Pop influenced Electronic Dance Music (EDM). They made their international debut in 2013. Transform DJs exist to share the gospel of Jesus’ saving grace, to defend pre-born people and other defenseless people worldwide (Life), and to lead God’s people into worship!

One of the most important ministries that Jonathan and Angela serve in is the Life/Abolitionist movement. They mobilize and activate people into action to help end abortion through media, petitioning and counseling those who are being or have been affected by abortion.

Jonathan has extensive experience on the mission field by serving in Youth With A Mission in England, Albania, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast, West Africa with family missions.  Contact Jonathan & Angie at


Troy and Megan Boyer were married in 2011 and have two girls, Katie and Ella.

Troy has grown up in this church and has helped Jonathan Burgess in the youth group since 2005. Troy received his ordination in 2010, and started serving as assistant youth pastor soon after. In 2017 Troy & Megan became the Lead Student Pastors of Alive Student Ministries at Trinity. Troy also serves as one of this church’s sound engineers, guitarist and worship leaders. He has also served the Rocky Mountain Conference annually as Activities Director for the IPHC youth camp.

Troy is licensed through the State of Colorado for K-12 Physical Education. He is the Athletic Director and P.E. teacher at a Cornerstone Christian Academy.

Troy’s desire is to serve God, his family, and community through serving the church and Cornerstone Christian Academy.  Contact Troy & Megan at


The hand of God touched the heart of His maidservant forty years ago, and gave her such a hunger for the scripture that Neva knew she was being prepared to be a teacher of His uncompromising Word.

Daily prayer and study led her to be not only a gifted teacher, but a retreat speaker and a leader in Aglow, an International organization for Christian women.

Neva is fulfilling God's promise to her that she would be a teacher of the scriptures and create for others a hunger and thirst to follow the living God with all the honor and glory going to her Savior, Jesus Christ.  Contact Neva at

Bruce + Gail Heil, Professor at Vine Bible Institute - Coming Soon

Mathias Pacheco, Director of Men's Ministries - Coming Soon

We are a part of the Rocky Mountain Conference.