Good News International Global Missions & Evangelism with Jon & Angie Burgess & Transform Djs // Share Jesus, Seek Justice 


Soul Seekers Outreach

Soul Seekers is a bi-monthly evangelism outreach.  We help people learn how to share their faith and then we actually hit the streets to share The Gospel with the lost and hurting!  Romans 10:13-15.  Soul Seekers meets on the third Saturday at 5:00PM bi-monthly.  For more information email us at info@trinitytcf.com

Silent Siege

A Silent Siege is bi-monthly outreach where we love pre-born babies, mothers and fathers through prayer, sharing the Gospel, worship and pleading with them to protect life!  Proverbs 24:11Matthew 25:31-46.  Silent Sieges happen on the third Saturday at 9AM bi-monthly.  For more information email us at info@trinitytcf.com

Youth Missions

We believe that it is our job to demonstrate the importance of going and reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Serving others is essential for young people to be effectively discipled!  And serving cross culturally is an experience that will change young people forever!  It is our hope and prayer for The Lord to send us "...into all the world!"  Matthew 28:18-20  For more information email us at info@trinitytcf.com


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In 2002, the Balla family left their home in India with an apostolic call to take the Gospel to Bangladesh, and now, 32 churches have been established. They set up the Bangladesh Theological Institute in Dhaka, founded the primary school Holiness Academy, and opened Frances Carter Boarding for village children with no educational opportunities. The Ballas also give oversight to IPHC works in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Pakistan, and they are committed to planting many more churches in places where there is no IPHC work. The Ballas ask your prayers for strong national leadership in their region and for the favor and provision of God on their work.


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Linda Fannin – Hungary

Linda serves in Hungary, the Gateway to Eastern Europe. She lives at the Resource Development Center and coordinates the efforts of teams coming into Hungary and the surrounding nations. Her ministry often takes her into Romania and Ukraine. She is involved with teaching and training young adult leadership to engage their communities through Coffee House Ministry, small groups, and English as a Second Language at the high school next door. Each year she hosts missionary interns, and in this phase ofher ministry, Linda is focusing onmentoring young leaders and connecting the various ministries to establish an effective work in Eastern and Western Europe.


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Willard serves as regional director for West Africa, while Yvonne is the area representative for Women’s Ministries. Please pray for more missionaries to assist them in reaching this vast area with the Gospel and for the training of national missionaries to reach neighboring countries. Pray for the continued ministry of West Africa Bible College and the colleges in Togo, Ivory Coast, and Ghana. Pray that the primary schools in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Togo will continue to produce Christian citizens so these young people will someday help lead their generation into righteousness. They rejoice in what the Lord has done these past 24 years in West Africa.


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Gailya continues to teach and speak to women in different conferences and countries in East Africa, promoting Women’s Ministries and training on many different levels. She trains and advises for various conference Women’s Ministries boards and takes every opportunity she can to minister. Gailya is very involved with ministry at Calvary Worship Centre in Nairobi and is so happy being available for the Lord!


Jonathan and Angela Burgess - GLOBAL

Jonathan and Angela Burgess' call is to give people an opportunity to know Jesus Christ in the forgiveness of sins (John 3:16-18), and work to end abortion in the world, saving literal lives and helping others find restoration and healing. Their marriage sent the call to evangelism and pro-life activism colliding into a passionate, lifelong mission to help the lost find Jesus and the least find Justice, to share Jesus and seek justice! Over the years their outreach continued to produce fruit in their local church and youth group. And now, like a stone in a slingshot, their mission has gone global! In 2013 they dived into full-time missions and as a "hub" to raise financial support and to consolidate their mission projects, they launched Good News International!